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National Physical Activity Month

Kali White
01 May, 2013

In 2012, May was declared National Physical Activity Month in order to encourage Americans to make physical activity a part of daily life. Exercise is necessary for a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity will help you maintain a healthy weight and prevent a variety of chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and stroke—the three leading causes

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Heart Health Month

Kali White
04 February, 2013

Ah, February. The month of love. Of the color red. Of doing something for that special someone in your life. But did you know that it’s also American Heart Month? Clearly it’s important to keep our hearts healthy, but sometimes actually doing it is a challenge. So this month, let’s join with millions of others

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Health and Fitness Apps

Kim McKinney
25 January, 2013

How is it we have already arrived at the end of January?! If you’re like me, you set some great resolutions and goals for 2013, but then life happens, and those great resolutions and goals seem to get put on the back burner! With my busy life, I rely on my iPhone a lot. Some