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Gift Ideas for Fitness Fanatics

Suzy Bills
17 December, 2012

I love the holidays, but sometimes I’m stumped when it comes to choosing gifts for family and friends. Considering how many people give gift cards, I’m guessing I may not be the only person with this challenge. Part of my problem is that there are so many options! Even if I know what a person’s


Indoor Fitness and Activities for Kids

Kali White
07 November, 2012

Winter’s around the corner, and the cold weather and snow may limit the opportunities for your children to play outside. But that doesn’t mean they have to be sedentary. Below are some ideas to keep kids (and yourself) active and fit instead of sitting in front of the TV or computer all winter. Sports teams: Look

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3 Free Exercise Apps to Check Out

Nathan Hirst
03 September, 2012

Our blenders help hundreds of thousands of people maintain a healthier diet. As proud as we are of this, in most cases diet is only half of the healthy equation. Maintaining a regular exercise routine is as important as a healthy diet. Here are 3 free exercise apps that will help complete the exercise portion of