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Green Monster Smoothie

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Adding Raw Leafy Greens to Your Smoothies

Guest Blogger
10 February, 2014

By Melissa Danielle of Honeybee Holistic  You may have noticed a recent trend on food and lifestyle blogs warning readers of “the dangers of drinking green smoothies,” throwing in cautionary tales of oxalic acid, kidney stones, and people’s faces going numb after consuming large amounts of blended greens. While there are documented cases of these

Creamy Taco Soup Recipe

Creamy Taco Soup

Guest Blogger
05 February, 2014

By Jessica Gatlin of My Baking Heart I’m always on the lookout for a quick and easy dish. With my Blendtec, I can quickly whip up a protein smoothie to sip on during my morning commute or a warm, filling soup for that night’s dinner. I’m also a sucker for Mexican food, but all the

Raw Pesto Sauce Recipe

Creamy Pesto Sauce [Recipe Video]

Kelli Farley
16 January, 2014

Are you a raw food eater? Try this delicious creamy pesto sauce over a bed of zucchini noodles. To make zucchini noodles, slice zucchini into julienne strips. To soften, salt the noodles and rinse after 15 minutes. Toss noodles with this velvety pesto sauce and reserve a little avocado for garnish. Get the full recipe