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kid friendly PB&J

Kid-Friendly Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich!

It’s so important to cook healthy foods with your kids and pass on your knowledge. We’re doing everything we can here at Blendtec to make sure kids are educated on healthy eating so that they are able to live long, healthy lives. Blendtec blenders are so easy to use, that even kids can use them to enjoy making healthy and delicious foods.

Cocoa Crepes featured image

National Chocolate Week (in the UK)

It’s National Chocolate Week in the UK and we’ll take any excuse to celebrate chocolate. We love to experiment with it and think the following recipes are some of the best ways to enjoy it.

Dijon-Maple Vinaigrette Blender Recipe

Dijon-Maple Vinaigrette [Recipe of the Week]

This weeks Recipe of the Week is Dijon-Maple Vinaigrette. It’s sweet and tangy and a welcomed accompaniment to any bed of greens. It can be used as a marinade for chicken or pork to tantalize your taste buds.