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3 Keys for Getting into the Smoothie Business

Bruce Carlson
16 November, 2012

Smoothies have been available to consumers for decades, but with McDonald’s entry into the game a few years ago, smoothies have transitioned from being a niche frozen treat to a mainstream beverage. With an estimated 1.7 billion frozen beverages served annually at fast-food restaurants,* it’s no wonder everyone is now trying to get into the smoothie

Blendtec Announces Best Warranties on Top Commercial Blenders

Bruce Carlson
19 September, 2012

Professionals have long relied on the quality, innovation, and performance of Blendtec’s commercial blending equipment. Now the company has introduced another distinctive benefit of owning their machines: 3-year motor base warranties that include all genuine parts and factory labor, with no cycle-count restrictions. These industry-leading warranties apply to the new Blendtec Stealth™, as well as