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Meet Blendtec’s Bloggers, Part 3

Kelli Farley
03 April, 2013

It’s time to meet some more faces behind Blendtec’s blog. Our bloggers have wide-ranging interests, just as do our readers. Because of our bloggers’ varied interests and extensive expertise, there’s sure to be something here that interests you. Today, let’s learn about Cameron, Kim, and Suzy. Cameron Cox,¬†Digital Marketing Specialist I’ve worked at Blendtec for

Anatomy of a Blendtec blade

Anatomy of a Blender, Part 4

Bruce Carlson
04 March, 2013

Blendtec’s incredible blenders are known for their power. If you’re not familiar with Blendtec’s raw power, just watch any Will It Blend? video, and you’ll see what I mean. But if a powerful motor is the heart of every Blendtec blender, then the jar is the soul. In this installment of¬†Anatomy of a Blender, let’s

skinny smoothie

Jillee’s Skinny Smoothie

Jill Nystul
25 February, 2013

I am a little late this year making my New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Right after Christmas, I didn’t need a resolution because I had an important speaking presentation coming up at the end of January and I was doing very good with my diet. The upcoming public appearance was a HUGE motivator! Problem