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Cherry-Pecan Energy Bars Blender Recipe

Cherry-Pecan Energy Bar [Video Recipe]

Watch this video to find out how to make this gluten-free, diary-free, and whole-food Cherry-Pecan Energy Bar. Switch up the recipe by using different fruit and nut combinations. The options are endless!

Blueberry Breakfast Bars Blender Recipe

Blueberry Breakfast Bars [Recipe of the Week]

This weeks Recipe of the Week is Blueberry Breakfast Bars. Prepare these delicious bars ahead of time so you don’t feel rushed in the morning. These bars are also great to bring on hikes and picnics.

Portion Control

Portion Control

Eating is one of the biggest pleasures of our lives. It’s also essential. Some foods are obviously better for us than others and portion control is so important. Consider how you build your dinner plate and read these tips to make sure your portions are under control.