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Sunflower Strawberry Smoothie

Sunflower Strawberry Smoothie


By Barbara Bianchi of The Gluten Free Homestead

Sunflower seeds not only make a delicious crunchy snack, but they are also the perfect addition to a smoothie, producing a creamy drink with a slightly nutty flavor. This sunflower strawberry smoothie provides a healthy treat with each velvety sip.

Use your Blendtec to whip up this recipe and reap all the benefits of this tiny but powerful heart-healthy superfood.

sunflower strawberry smoothie

Sunflower Strawberry Smoothie


1 cup water
¼ cup organic shelled sunflower seeds
1 medium organic carrot
1 organic apple
8 oz frozen organic strawberries


Add water and sunflower seeds to your Blendtec jar and secure lid. Pulse about 15 times to make a creamy nut milk. Then, add the remaining ingredients to the jar in order listed and secure lid. Select “Whole Juice.” For an especially creamy treat, run the “Whole Juice” cycle twice and then serve.

Note: The color of the smoothie may vary depending upon the size of the apple and carrot.

About the Author

Barbara Bianchi writes at The Gluten Free Homestead where she shares her best gluten free recipes. When three members of her home were diagnosed with celiac disease, she quickly transformed her kitchen into a gluten free zone. This developed into a passion for making gluten free food taste good. You can find more great recipes from Barbara at or follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

(2) Comments on “Sunflower Strawberry Smoothie

  • Michael Preece

    Did you actually test this recipe? Made according to your recipe it is too thick to even blend and is red from the strawberries, rather than being yellow as you illustrate in your picture. I needed to add more liquid to obtain a reasonable consistency for a drinkable product. I have found that smoothie recipes need to be made a few times before a final reliable and workable recipe is achieved. I would hope that all the recipes you publish are practically tested and workable. I found this one not to be so.

    • Sorry that you were disappointed. The author of this post has found that the color varies depending upon the size of the apple and carrot, but that she has never found it too thick to blend. You may need to run it on the “Whole Juice” cycle twice.

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