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sneak veggies into meals

10 Ways to Sneak Veggies into Meals


Growing up takes a lot of work. It’s important that children get the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrition necessary to keep their developing bodies strong and healthy. Of course, the foods that are best at keeping children in shape aren’t generally the best tasting. At the same time, the holiday season is fast approaching, and unless parents make a conscious effort to monitor their children’s diets, there’s a good chance that those kids will make it from October to January subsisting on nothing but sweets. As such, if parents want to put nourishing food into their kids’ stomachs without having to use a hydraulic press, they often have to resort to tactics that are a bit more… underhanded.

So, don’t feel too bad when you use this informative—if somewhat sneaky—infographic on how to sneak veggies into your kids’ meals. Hey, it’s for their own good, right?

How do you sneak veggies into meals for your kids? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook.

sneak veggies into meals

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