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Coconut Milk blender recipe

Simple Cow’s Milk Alternatives to Make in Your Blender


About six months ago, we asked our Facebook fans what topics they’d like us to blog about. We got many great responses and have written about some of them already. Today, I want to talk about another of the topics: cow’s milk alternatives that you can easily make in your Blendtec blender. Cow’s milk alternatives are pretty popular today, which is understandable since many people have dairy allergies or lactose intolerance, other people don’t drink cow’s milk due to their beliefs, and some people just don’t like the flavor of cow’s milk (my sister hates the taste).

On the Blendtec Recipes page you can find recipes for almond, coconut, hemp, and rice milk. And we’ll have more variations coming in the near future.

Almond Milk


Hemp Milk blender recipe

Hemp Milk












Coconut Milk


Rice Milk Blender Recipe

Rice Milk












What’s your favorite alternative for cow’s milk?

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