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Prepping Pineapple for Blending

  • Velda Christensen
  • 30 December, 2010

Prepping pineapple for blending isn’t as hard as you might think. Cut off the top and bottom, then slice the scales off the sides. Cut the main section into discs, and then cut the discs into wedges. Refrigerate or freeze if you won’t be using the pineapple immediately. There is no need to remove the core if you’re blending with a Blendtec Total Blender!

5 thoughts on “Prepping Pineapple for Blending

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  2. marco

    I have landed here looking on the net to see if blending the WHOLE pineapple is bad for you, and yes I happen to have a blendtech and I just rinse the pineapple, then plaec it into the machine… whole! :)


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