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Pistachio Ice Cream | Recipe of the Week


Disclaimer: This is a healthy version of pistachio ice cream so it will not taste like the ice cream you’d buy at the store. It’s meant to be a base for you to create your own!  If you’d like to make it vegan, use coconut milk instead of half and half. If you’d like it creamier, use more half and half, cream and/or use frozen milk cubes instead of ice cubes, etc. Like it sweeter? Use sweetened condensed milk and/or add more sugar. Not a huge fan of almond flavor? Use less almond extract. Don’t want pieces of pistachio? Blend it longer! Share your version of this with us on the recipe page.
Pistachio Ice Cream Recipe

Pistachio Ice Cream

¾ cup half and half
½ small avocado
1 tbsp vanilla extract
½ tsp almond extract
3 tbsp granulated sugar, or your choice of sweetener
1 cup fresh spinach, lightly packed
2½ cups ice cubes
⅓ cup unsalted shelled pistachios


  1. Add all ingredients except pistachios to FourSide or WildSide+ jar and secure lid.
  2. Select “Ice Cream” cycle or blend on a Low speed for 15 seconds, then on a Medium to Medium-High speed for 30 seconds.
  3. Add pistachios and press “Pulse” 2-4 times. Serve immediately or transfer to a bowl or Tupperware and freeze until desired consistency is reached.

Get nutrition information and full recipe on the Blendtec Recipes page.

(2) Comments on “Pistachio Ice Cream | Recipe of the Week

  • Bonnie

    2 1/2 cups ice cubes is about 13 cubes. I made a vegan version by freezing a tray of Very Vanilla Soy milk. Need to crack the cubes into smaller pieces or free-spinning blade with no blending will be a problem.
    I used Silk Vanilla Soy Creamer as the 3/4 c 1/2 and 1/2. Between the cubes and the creamer, the final product has the same amount of fat and calories as using 1/2 and 1/2 with ice cubes.
    Still used the sugar as that helps keep the product from freezing too hard. If it does, just microwave for 20 seconds and it becomes scoopable.
    I did not blend in pistachios; used some unsalted nut pieces from the market baking aisle instead. Made a nice sorbet-like dessert.

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