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Update: Vita-Mix Guilty of Willful Infringement

Four years ago Blendtec filed suit against Vita-Mix for copying, and selling as its own, Blendtec’s revolutionary blending jar, the WildSide. Read this post for updates on the case.

Blendtec Partners with Rick Boysal Racing

While Blendtec is no stranger to working with sports teams and Fortune 500 companies, we are proud to announce the sponsorship of NASCAR team, Rick Boysal Racing. Click here for more information on where you can find us and the team next weekend in Sonoma, California.

Vita-Mix infringes Blendtec’s Patent

Four years ago, Blendtec filed suit against Vita-Mix for copying their revolutionary blending jar. Federal Judge Campbell now rules that Vita Mix has in fact infringed on Blendtec’s patent. Read more on the case here.