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Lemon Frozen Yogurt Blender Recipe

Lemon Frozen Yogurt [Recipe of the Week]

This weeks Recipe of the Week is Lemon Frozen Yogurt. It’s such a perfect treat to serve with fruit this summer. It’s so refreshing and provides all the goodness without the guilt.

sneak spinach into your diet

Recipes That Sneak Spinach into Your Diet

Even though we are aware of all the many benefits of spinach, it can still be hard to find ways to include enough of it in our daily diets. Sneak spinach into your diet with some of our favorite Blendtec recipes.

fast food

Fast Food vs. Fast Food

Eat this, not that. Summertime is a great time to fire up the grill and recreate the American classics in a healthy way. Pizza, burgers and ice cold drinks are all items we love to enjoy. Try these recipes with wholesome ingredients you can prep in your blender instead of heading to the nearest drive thru.