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How to Take the Effort out of Breakfast: Quick Tips


Since you were a kid, you’ve probably been told you shouldn’t skip breakfast. But what if it seems you just don’t have time in the morning? I feel the time crunch too, but the way I see it, you don’t have time NOT to have breakfast! It jump-starts your metabolism, helps you think more clearly, and primes you to be productive throughout the day. Don’t worry, reaping the benefits from breakfast doesn’t take a ton of time. Read on for essential information on making quick—and healthy!—morning meals.

Whole Wheat Pancakes blender recipes_quicktips

Whole Wheat Pancakes

What Makes a Good Breakfast

Let’s start with the fundamental building blocks of a nutritious breakfast. Following these guidelines is important for ensuring your breakfast has staying power and doesn’t cause your blood sugar level to spike.

  • 300–500 calories
  • 35–65 grams carbs
  • 5+ grams fiber
  • 5+ grams protein
  • 9–16 grams fat
  • <5 grams sugar

Ideas to Make Breakfast Fast and Easy

With those guidelines in mind, it’s time to start planning. Here are some ideas to make the morning breakfast routine simple:

Morning Waffles blender recipe_quicktips

Morning Waffles

  • Plan a week of breakfasts, and buy any ingredients needed.
  • Over the weekend, make a large batch of waffles, pancakes, muffins, or crêpes, and store them in the freezer in a freezer bag. Each morning, remove the right number of servings from the freezer and reheat.
  • Make breakfast the night before, or prepare to make breakfast by setting out dry ingredients, your blender jar, a skillet, and anything else needed.
  • Mix together the dry ingredients for pancake, waffle, and other mixes. Store in an airtight bag. In the morning, add the wet ingredients and cook/bake.
  • Freeze smoothie ingredients in freezer bags. In the morning, dump the frozen ingredients and liquid in your Blendtec blender, and then press “Smoothie.”
  • Before going to bed, add 1 part steel-cut oats, two parts liquid, and desired add-ins to a slow cooker. In the morning, you’ll have a hearty breakfast waiting for you.
  • Try oatmeal in a jar. (This is on my list of things to try!)

Breakfast-Friendly Foods

If planning ahead feels overwhelming or too time-consuming, don’t despair. If you keep the following four ingredients on hand, you’ll always be 5 minutes away from a complete breakfast. I’ve added some ideas on how to use the ingredients, but your options are almost limitless.



  • Greek yogurt—Mix with fruit, nuts, whole-grain cereal, and/or seeds. (Add the ingredients to your blender, and press “Pulse” several times to chop the add-ins.)
  • Tortillas—Fill with beans, cheese, and salsa; hummus and vegetables; or nut butter and fruit.
  • Whole grain bread—Top with scrambled eggs and cheese or with nut butter and a mashed banana.
  • Oatmeal—Cook with chopped fruit and nuts; combine with dried fruit, nuts, and seeds for trail mix; or eat uncooked with milk (many people like to prepare this cold breakfast the night before to give the oatmeal time to soak).

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