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Grinding Grains [Video Recipe]


Grind fresh whole grains and legumes, which are packed with nutrients, to turn them into healthy, whole grain flour.

Have you ever made flour in your Blendtec?

20 thoughts on “Grinding Grains [Video Recipe]

  1. Alysha

    I’m looking at buying a grain mill, but I also have a wild side Blendtec blender and realized I may be able to grind my wheat berries without an additional investment. Can you please tell me how fine the flour turns out? I use a lot of whole wheat pastry flour, which is very fine. :-)
    Thank you!

  2. Kristina B.

    Hello, I want to grind cracked dried acorns to make a flour. What do you advise? My aunt uses a coffee grinder that burns the motor out every season and my other aunt uses a champion juice with a grain attachment. Thank you in advance, Kristina

  3. Deb

    This is wonderful news!!! Just tried it grinding up wheat berries and it made the best flour and most delicious whole wheat chocolate chip cookies ever! Loved my Blendtec before for the incredible smoothies – but wow! This is going to revolutionized my baking!!! Thank you so much! :0)

  4. Kristina

    I’ve noticed that grinding wheat berries into flour clouds my wild side jar. I just got a new jar, and would like to keep it clear. Is there any way to prevent the cloudiness?

  5. Virginia

    Hi, I have one Blendtec blender – Signature Series. I would like to make homemade flours from grains like millet, quinoa and kasha and also from dry legumes like lentils and garbanzos. I’ve read some comments stating that the WildSide Jar gets damaged while making flours and that the Twister Jar is not a good choice for this task. Perhaps the commentators missed something? Is there a way to grind the grains and legumes I mentioned above into homemade flours? Any suggestions? Thank you.

    1. Kelli Farley

      Hi Virginia,
      You can blend the items you mentioned in your Blendtec blender, but please now that these items will scratch your jar, and our warranty does not cover cosmetic damage.

  6. Genet

    Hi. I am wanting to purchase a Blendtec to grain gluten free grains, as well as for other standard uses. What TYPE of Blendtec and what TYPE of jar would I need to best do this job ?

  7. Claudia

    Hello! In the video they mention the use of the wildside jar. I have the Classic 570 is this an appropriate blendtec to do quite a bit of wheat grinding. Probably about 8-12 cups of wheat berries/week.



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