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Designer Series Makes Splash on Ellen


Today audience members at the Ellen DeGeneres Show got their hands on their very own Blendtec Designer Series blenders. Ellen personally selected Blendtec’s products to share with her audience as part of her One Day of May Giveaway.

It's not exactly how we normally position our blenders—but hey, it's a fun niche!

Pictured here: The underserved margarita sailor market.

Needless to say, the audience was thrilled.

Someone back there is raising their hands in gratitude, saying "Thank you, thank you Blendtec!"

Someone back there is raising her hands in gratitude, saying “Thank you, thank you, Blendtec!”

Can you say Beatlemania?

Can you say Blendtecmania?

Did you catch Blendtec on the Ellen DeGeneres Show? What would you do with a free Designer Series blender? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page!


(4) Comments on “Designer Series Makes Splash on Ellen

  • Debbi Jones

    What would I do with a free Designer Series Blendtec blender? What WOULDN’T I do with it? Salsa, margaritas, smoothies, ice cream…the list is endless!!!

  • Cassie Knudsen

    We love green smoothies so I making those without all the green chunks would be lovely!
    Also I would use it to grind fresh flour which I currently can’t do. I am in love with Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup from my fav restaurant in Utah and I make it frequently with my current blender but it still is not smooth so I would make creamy soup for sure! Oh the possibilities! I would LOVE to win one 🙂

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