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Weight Loss and Smoothie Tips

Guest Blogger
26 February, 2014

By Fred LeChuga of Fat2FitFred When I went through my extreme weight loss journey, I fell in love with running.  Running has now been part of my life to help keep the 150 pounds that I lost off and to keep challenging myself to reach new fitness levels.  However, one of the challenges has been

Sleeping girl

Gearing Up to Shut Down: Ready Yourself for Sleep

Guest Blogger
17 February, 2014

By Tim Griffin of I’ve been having a heck of a time getting to sleep at a decent hour post-holidays. To help me get back to a decent sleep pattern, I thought I’d write this blog post on that very topic. Before introducing the list I want to say one general thing: Use a mindful

New Years Workout

14-Day Workout Challenge

Kali White
03 January, 2014

With the turkey eaten and the smorgasbord of holiday food devoured, many start the New Year with the all too familiar thought, “Here we go again!”  The idea of New Year’s resolutions leaves some feeling like failures even before they begin, but others may be super motivated.  Wherever you fit on that spectrum it is