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PLU Codes

PLU Codes Demystified

Have you ever wondered what those little stickers on your fresh produce mean? Turns out they’re called Price Look Up Codes. The stickers on produce are much more than meets the eye, and the numbers on a PLU code can tell you a lot about the produce. How do we know what all this means? Read the following post to find out how to navigate a PLU code.

How to Make Baby Food

How to Make Baby Food

You may have noticed previous posts on how to make baby food in your Blendtec. Spending money on packaged baby food can be costly, and for the most part high in added sugar. Baby food is super easy to make. Just pick up your favorite fruits and veggies and go home and blend them yourself. See what foods we like to blend for first, second and third stage baby foods in this post.

uses for coconut

10 DIY Uses For Coconut

If you have a coconut and a Blendtec, you’re in luck. We’ve put together 10 DIY uses for coconuts to help you save money, live healthier and provide an alternative to many of the typical items people keep around the house. Enjoy!