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Portion Control

Portion Control

Eating is one of the biggest pleasures of our lives. It’s also essential. Some foods are obviously better for us than others and portion control is so important. Consider how you build your dinner plate and read these tips to make sure your portions are under control.

5 Colors a day vegetable graphic

5 Colors a Day—Healthy Kids Concepts

We obviously want to make sure our kiddos are eating enough fruits and veggies. How can we do this in a fun way? Nonprofit organization Healthy Kids Concepts has come up with a program called 5 Colors a Day that focuses on teaching children how foods that are red, orange, yellow, green, and blue/purple can help us grow healthy and strong.

PLU Codes

PLU Codes Demystified

Have you ever wondered what those little stickers on your fresh produce mean? Turns out they’re called Price Look Up Codes. The stickers on produce are much more than meets the eye, and the numbers on a PLU code can tell you a lot about the produce. How do we know what all this means? Read the following post to find out how to navigate a PLU code.