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Successful Morning Smoothie for a Work at Home Parent

Guest Blogger
21 March, 2014

By Natalie Hixson of Strive for Progress Are you a parent working from home? Maybe you blog, have an online business or are employed by a company that lets you work from home. Working from home can be a challenge especially if you have kids under foot. I like to compare work at home parents


Healthy Additions to Smoothies

Guest Blogger
17 March, 2014

By Julie Prescesky of Yup, these are just your average fruits and probiotics kicking around your kitchen. But wait a minute! They are anything but average. In fact, they are powerful additions to add to your favorite smoothies. I like to start with a base of liquid, one or two ripe bananas or a cup

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Green Smoothies – Join the Revolution

Kelli Farley
13 March, 2014

Why Green Smoothies? According to the Center for Disease Control, the vast majority of Americans aren’t getting nearly enough fruits and vegetables in their diets. In fact, more than 75% of people eat fewer than three servings of vegetables a day–far below the recommended daily amount of 3-4 cups a day. For many people, finding