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Irish Recipes

12 Luck of the Irish Recipes

St. Patrick’s Day is almost here. Enjoy this festive day with some green attire and recipes. We’ve created a list of delicious green recipes that are sure to please!

Mini WildSide Jar Recipes

Blendtec’s Mini WildSide Jar Launch and Recipes

Blendtec’s new Mini WildSide jar is perfect for those single-serve blends. It’s still as easy to clean, as any other Blendtec jar and is compatible with all models. See what others are saying about this great jar and try out some of the recipes.

Spring Produce Guide

What’s in Season: Spring Produce Guide

It’s time to say goodbye to winter and enjoy the beauties of spring; especially the delicious product. This article provides a spring produce guide, plus recipes you can make in your Blendtec.