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Easter Recipes_featured

Easter Recipes

You don’t have to celebrate Easter to enjoy these springtime recipes. For many, Easter time signifies Springtime. So here are five great recipes that you can enjoy with your family and friends for the holiday or just to celebrate the coming of Spring!

Aloe Cucumber Facial

Aloe-Cucumber Facial

Heal, hydrate, and refresh your skin with this easy to make facial. This refreshing mixture will soothe many skin condition in seconds. With only two ingredients, what are you waiting for?

Creamy Carrot Soup_Featured

Creamy Carrot Coconut Soup

This Creamy Carrot Coconut Soup recipe comes from Kasey’s Kitchen. Kasey Pott writes a food and lifestyle blog encouraging Millenials to get into the kitchen! Her site has grown from a college-based food blog to a social media powerhouse. She’s teamed up with Blendtec to show her fellow foodies how to cook, where to eat and what they need in their lives to make it even more delicious!