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GF Raspberry Pancakes_featured

How to Make Pancakes

Kelli Farley
12 March, 2014

Smoothies are a huge part of many people’s everyday lives. They want to be able to blend all of the fruits, veggies, greens and ice without leaving chunks, so it’s no wonder they buy a Blendtec blender to help them accomplish this. But did you know that Blendtec blenders can also make many other delicious

Pineapple Pitaya Superfood Smoothie Bowl

Pineapple Pitaya Superfood Smoothie Bowl

Guest Blogger
07 March, 2014

By Ksenia Avdulova of Breakfast Criminals There’s only one thing that I love more than smoothies–smoothie bowls! Smoothie bowls are a great (and fun) way to get all your nutrients in at once and start the day feeling energized by a wholesome meal packed with superfoods. I love experimenting with smoothies using frozen acai and

GF and Dairy free oat bars_featured

Gluten and Dairy Free Oat Bars [Starbucks Copycat]

Guest Blogger
24 January, 2014

By Julie Prescesky of Love it. Learn it. Make it. One busy afternoon I had promised my son we’d stop by a Starbucks for an oat bar, and wouldn’t you know, we ran out of time!  I just couldn’t make it happen. To quell his disappointment—and, to be frank, my mommy guilt—I searched online for something