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Benefits from green smoothies

Benefits of Green Smoothies

Eating a well balanced, plant-based diet is definitely one the most powerful things you can do for your health. Most Americans are not eating near the amount of vegetables they should be, so making a green smoothie is a great way to pack fruits and veggies into your diet. Green smoothies are also a fantastic way to get kids to eat their veggies. Blend one up for breakfast for a great “on the go” option.


Vegan Herb Aioli

This delicious vegan herb aioli will hook you from the get go! Get creative and throw in any kind of herb you have at home. Don’t limit yourself on choice of dippers. Use fries, toasted bread, veggies or even toss it on your salad for a creamy dressing. Feel free to add a little lemon zest. Enjoy!

black bean dip_featured

Black Bean Dip

If you are from the south like me, this black bean dip will have you reminiscing on your childhood with its bold, smoky, southern flavors. This recipe is quick and easy, and can be used as a dip, on burgers or veggie burgers, spread on toast, or even atop a salad. Best of all? It’s vegan and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser to meat eaters and non meat eaters alike.