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Iced Coffee

Dairy Free Maple Iced Coffee

Blend up your own coffee house frozen coffee for a fraction of the price. This iced coffee is easy to make and tastes great. Plus, you can make it dairy free. Enjoy!

tube fed baby

All the Difference – Meet Brynlee

You may remember last month when we introduced you to our new series of stories called “All the Difference”, which gives you a peek at how Blendtec blenders help make a difference in others’ lives. This month we’re back with another story about a darling little girl named Brynlee (as told by Brynlee’s mom). In…

carrot smoothie

Clean-Eating Orange Carrot Smoothie

Sasha Houseman, of Paleo Superfood Synergy, packs a punch of health and clean-eating into this 4-ingredient smoothie. The combination of oranges, carrots, beet, and ginger provides a vibrant orange color and a refreshing taste. Enjoy!