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Mini WildSide Jar Recipes

Blendtec’s Mini WildSide Jar Launch and Recipes

Blendtec’s new Mini WildSide jar is perfect for those single-serve blends. It’s still as easy to clean, as any other Blendtec jar and is compatible with all models. See what others are saying about this great jar and try out some of the recipes.

Baba Ganoush Recipe

Baba Ganoush, Whole Wheat Naan & Tahini Recipes

Easily make Baba Ganoush in your Blendtec. We’ve also included recipes for Tahini and Whole Wheat Naan to complete this Middle Eastern dish!

3 High Protein Shakes

3 High Protein Shakes

It’s that time again, new resolutions are being made! Chances are being healthy, losing weight and/or bulking up is on your list. Try one or all 3 of these high protein shakes to help you with your goal.