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Blendtec Introduces New Self-Serve Dispensing System


Blendtec, a global provider of high-performance blenders and dispensing equipment, today announced the introduction of the Blendtec System 3™ (S3™). This innovative and revolutionary new machine is a totally self-contained drink system which is used at point of purchase to dispense blended drinks directly to the consumer.

The consumer simply places a cup in the blending alcove and pushes a button to select their drink. The Self Serve System™ (S3™) does all the work of dispensing ingredients and blending the drink, then sanitizing the blending chamber to prepare for the next consumer. When the drink is ready to serve, the blending alcove rotates back to the consumer’s reach. The consumer then removes their drink and proceeds to a checkout to make payment.

“The S3™ has been researched and developed with our C-store customer in mind. It is probably one of the most thoroughly tested products we have ever introduced. It truly is a whole new concept in high quality blended drinks. We expect a high demand for the initial production capacity and look forward to increasing capacity as more customers choose to add it to their product offering,” says Tom Dickson, Blendtec’s CEO.

The first S3™ units have been shipped to concept stores and major chains around the country. Blendtec is pleased to be working with notable retail partners and GSS Group of Dallas, Texas as a services and management provider.

The S3™ sets a whole new standard for fast and convenient blended drinks. The quality of the product is beyond what has previously existed in self-serve drinks. The S3™ enables the retailer to offer a higher margin product that compares with specialty store offerings and puts them in a whole new product category

To find out more about Blendtec visit their website: You can also contact Blendtec directly at 801 222-0888.

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