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Blendtec’s Commercial Countertop Blenders


Hi Blendtec Community! I know you are all familiar with our fabulous residential blenders, particularly the Designer Series and the Total Blender. Today I’m going to introduce you to our equally fabulous line of commercial countertop blenders. Now you can “share the love” with any of your friends who would benefit from owning a Blendtec commercial blender. So without further ado…

Blendtec EZ Blender

Blendtec’s EZ Blender


Blendtec’s EZ blender is the most innovative entry-level blender on the market. It’s the perfect combination of value and performance. When you’re just starting out, you can’t go wrong with the EZ’s 30 preprogrammed blend cycles, no-tend touchpad controls, blue LCD display showing the current blend cycle and cycle count, and powerful motor .


When limited countertop real estate is your challenge, Blendtec’s SpaceSaver blender is your answer because this low-profile blender takes up hardly any room on the countertop. The SpaceSaver has 30 preprogrammed blend cycles covering a variety of recipe categories, and you can also create customized blend cycles, helping ensure your special recipes turn out perfect every time.

Blendtec's Chef Blender

Blendtec’s Chef Blender


As any true culinary professional knows, no one blend fits all! For a recipe to become a masterpiece, precise blending speeds and durations are needed. Blendtec’s Chef blender makes fine-tuning your masterpiece as easy as can be. The Chef has 20 available speeds, with speed-up/speed-down functions, high and low pulse options, and a memory function that enables you to save new blend cycles and manual operation sequences.


Blendtec’s Q-Series blender is known for delivering speed, performance, and consistency with every blend. With a powerful motor and one-touch operation, any recipe can be prepared quickly and easily. The Q-Series also has an optional safety feature that automatically shuts off the blender motor when the sound enclosure is raised. Even more, the Q-Series is easy to clean—what more could you ask for?

Blendtec's Stealth Blender

Blendtec’s Stealth Blender


We are thrilled to add the Stealth blender to our lineup. In addition to its impressive 15-amp motor, the Stealth is also the world’s quietest commercial blender, operating at the sound level of normal conversation. The Stealth also offers an industry first: a highly intuitive, illuminated touch surface that includes a slider control. And last but not least, updating your menu has never been simpler than with the Stealth. It’s easy to create a blend cycle for your new recipe by using the Stealth’s online Blend Wizard app, and then you can effortlessly load the new cycle on an entire fleet of Stealth blenders through the Stealth’s USB port. Bam!


To learn more about our commercial countertop blenders and to request additional information, visit

(4) Comments on “Blendtec’s Commercial Countertop Blenders

  • Adi

    Hi, I am contemplating to purchase a blendtec space saver for domestic use (as the domestic ones are not available in my country – Indonesia). I noticed that the total blender, designer series and the likes have one button functions for soup, whole food juice, nut butter etc, which makes it easier for everyday domestic use. My question is the spacesaver blender equipped with a similar function as well within their cycle blends? For instance, if i want to make a soup or nut butters using blendtec spacesaver, would it be a hassle to do so through manual inputs?

    I look forward to your reply. Thanks!



    I am looking to purchase a commercial blender for our cafe, mainly for making chillers and smoothies, nothing too intense. I am tossing between the Q-series and the Stealth series as, if possible, I would like to keep noise level to a minimum. Is there a big difference, in noise levels, between the Q-series like the Q-series 880553_OC and a Stealth model? Also, can you give an expected rrp price difference between these two? Your help is much appreciated.


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