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Make Your Own Snacks Poster

Blender Snacks Made Easy


The kids have just arrived home from school, and their drone of “I’m hungry” begins to fill the once-silent and freshly cleaned home. The hungry army has assembled, but are you ready for it? You will be with these simple snacks that bring both variety and fun!

Make Your Own Snacks Poster

Start with one of the four snack foods: apple slices, banana slices, graham crackers, or waffles.

Then add variety with one or more of these great toppings: whipped cream (1 c whipping cream, 1 tbsp powdered sugar, and ½ tsp vanilla extract), fresh berries, fruit dipnut butter (such as peanut, almond, or cashew), chocolate sauce, and chocolate chips.

Do you have other favorite snacks and toppings? Let us know!

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  • I Love peanut and chocolate syrup on sliced green apples. The tartness and crispness of the apples, the crunchiness and saltiness of the peanut butter and sweetness of the chocolate syrup is the perfect combo.

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