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I love working at Blendtec. It’s something special to be an integral part of a company that is its industry’s innovation leader and that’s growing faster than any of our competitors. It’s an opportunity I’d never want to miss.

I love competition in business and in sports. I love to see my coworkers excel because it only drives me to work harder and smarter. In the end, we have all improved professionally and personally. I am really active year round with all that Utah has to offer. Skiing in the winter, golfing and softball in the summer as well as camping year round all over the state with my wife, three girls and one boy. I am a high energy type that is always going at all hours of the day. I enjoy working and playing hard with my good friends and coworkers. Whoever said work was work has not spent time in my shoes!

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Tom Dickson on Will it Blend?

Q&A with Tom Dickson – Part 2

Tim Provost
04 January, 2013

Did you see our previous Q&A with Blendtec founder Tom Dickinson? Today, we were lucky enough to catch up with Tom again to pick his brain about the famous and popular “Will It Blend” series.

Tom Drinking a Green Smoothie

Q&A with Tom Dickson – Part 1

Tim Provost
14 November, 2012

Tom Dickinson is the founder of Blendtec, and is the man behind the “Will It Blend” videos. He plays a huge role in the company, and does a great job of making sure Blendtec employees are happy and healthy. Check out this Q&A with this amazing guy to learn more about Tom and his vision.