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I'm the software development manager at Blendtec, and I am a big computer geek, both figuratively and literally. I competed as a bodybuilder for 10 years, winning state titles on two occasions. Bodybuilding taught me more about discipline and living with discomfort than anything else I've ever done. Aside from bodybuilding, I've competed in freestyle (moguls) skiing, motorcycle road racing, and computer programming. Although I enjoy competing, most of my time is taken by learning a new computer languages, spending time with my wife and two dogs, or working on one of my aquariums.

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Is Exercising Before Breakfast Best?

Stone Lasley
30 November, 2012

Over the years, I’ve been told two things about maximizing fat loss with cardio: (1) Exercise first thing in the morning, before breakfast, which will cause your body to use more fat for fuel.¬†(2) Exercise when you feel best,¬†regardless of whether you’ve eaten, because your output will be significantly greater and you’ll burn more calories.

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High-Protein Foods for Meatless Diets

Stone Lasley
19 September, 2012

For vegetarians, getting enough protein is a constant struggle, or so I’m told. As a vegetarian and former competitive bodybuilder, I have often been asked, “How do you get enough protein to maintain your muscle mass?” I never really had a good answer other than, “Easy!” The supplement industry’s marketing efforts have convinced people they