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I love learning new things—especially about health, nutrition, and fitness—and then sharing what I learn with others. I’m a long-distance runner and enjoy training for marathons and other endurance events (yes, most of my friends think I’m a bit—or a lot—crazy). Some of my other hobbies are dancing, playing instruments, spending time with friends and family, and laughing. When I’m not at Blendtec, I’m usually either teaching at Brigham Young University or running!

Blendtec has such a great work environment. My coworkers are fun and motivated, and it’s great to help people learn how cool Blendtec blenders are—and how to live healthier lives!

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Green Blender Recipes

Green Is Our New Favorite Color

Suzy Bills
19 July, 2013

You’ve likely heard Kermit the Frog’s lament that “it’s not easy being green.” Have you ever thought that it’s not easy eating green? Here at Blendtec, green is one of our favorite food colors—because of the great taste of green foods and because of the many health benefits (for example, check out why you should

Spinach Ice Cream Blender Recipe

Recipes That Sneak Spinach into Your Diet

Suzy Bills
24 June, 2013

You’ve most likely heard how healthy spinach is for you. Since there are so many benefits, it might be hard to remember them all, so here are just some of the reasons we should all eat spinach: Spinach is a rich source of vitamins A, B2, B6, C, E, and K. This leafy green also

Running: Best Practices

Running: Best Practices

Suzy Bills
27 May, 2013

When I tell people I run marathons (and that I run at least a half marathon on a daily basis), they usually respond along the lines of, “Wow, I can barely run 3 miles,” or, “I couldn’t ever do that.” And I usually reply with something like, “Hey, 3 miles is good. And I think