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About Paul Faerber

I'm the Director of Engineering at Blendtec. I've been with Blendtec since 2006. Part of what makes my job so fun is our great group of creative, clever, dedicated engineers. I love to engineer products that people use every day—products that people use to achieve their health goals, and sometimes make decadent treats, too!

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family. We love to play games, go on hikes, read, watch movies, and cuddle. Most nights we have healthy smoothies made with our Blendtec blender. Weekends are the perfect time for whole wheat pancakes and crepes. Our kids have come to associate the sound of the blender with a healthy treat!

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why the twister jar was developed

Why the Twister Jar Was Developed

Paul Faerber
18 October, 2012

Is there anything better than dipping a cold, crisp apple into warm, creamy almond butter? People were using their FourSide and WildSide jars by adding oil or stopping the blender mid cycle to scrape partially blended nuts off the sides of the jar to make almond butter. That worked, but Blendtec’s engineers thought there had to be a better way. After much brainstorming and a lab that smelled like almond butter for weeks, we finally came up with the one-of-a-kind Twister Jar!

Square jar

What’s in a Square Jar?

Paul Faerber
27 September, 2012

Have you ever wondered why Blendtec blending jars are square instead of round? In a round jar, ingredients are pushed to the top of the jar, where they stay. Many particles never get blended. The square jars force ingredients to bounce against the wall and move back into the blade, making sure everything gets blended. Read this post to find out more.