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About Paul Faerber

I'm the Director of Engineering at Blendtec. I've been with Blendtec since 2006. Part of what makes my job so fun is our great group of creative, clever, dedicated engineers. I love to engineer products that people use every day—products that people use to achieve their health goals, and sometimes make decadent treats, too!

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family. We love to play games, go on hikes, read, watch movies, and cuddle. Most nights we have healthy smoothies made with our Blendtec blender. Weekends are the perfect time for whole wheat pancakes and crepes. Our kids have come to associate the sound of the blender with a healthy treat!

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Blendtec Designer Series, Brushed Stainless Finish

Can I Use My Blendtec Blender in Other Countries?

Paul Faerber
27 February, 2013

I have a good friend who purchased a Blendtec Total Blender Classic several months ago. He loves it and wanted to take it with him when he moved to England so that he could continue to enjoy perfectly blended green smoothies, nut butters, and milk shakes. He asked me if he’d have any problems using his

Blendtec Blender Motor

Anatomy of a Blender, Part 2

Paul Faerber
20 December, 2012

Feature #3: Power for the People In a previous post, Nate Hirst discussed the advantages of a high-powered blender. When it comes to making milk shakes, ice cream, fruit smoothies, peanut butter and other thick blends, you’ll appreciate the extra power Blendtec offers. So what makes a Blendtec blender so powerful?  It’s all in the

Blendtec Designer Series, Brushed Stainless Finish

Differences Between the Designer Series and Total Blender

Paul Faerber
23 November, 2012

Blendtec introduced the first Total Blender in 1996 (although it wasn’t called the Total Blender back then). This revolutionary machine was the first home blender to include blend cycles. Each of the six buttons was programmed with a unique blend cycle, but it wasn’t very clear which button was the right choice for a given blend