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About Kory Robins

I'm an avid boater and water-sports enthusiast. I also enjoy golf, snowboarding, cycling, and mountain biking—pretty much anything active and outdoors.

Blendtec engineers amazing products and offers a fun and challenging work environment, which makes me passionate about my job. When you add the awesome people, great amenities, and proximity to world-class recreation, there's no doubt that Blendtec really is an amazing place to work.

Though it takes a lot of work to select blog topics and write blog posts, we enjoy sharing educational and fun information. We hope you enjoy reading our posts and find the topics beneficial. So we can provide even more targeted information, we'd like your input. What would you like us to write about? Let us know in the comments section, and we'll add your ideas to our list of topics.

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Cross-Training For Life, Part 2

Kory Robins
20 May, 2013

Last week I explained what cross-training is and why it’s beneficial. Today, I’m going to discuss how to get started and how to create your own cross-training program. Getting Started If you’re just starting a cross-training regimen, start slow and gradually build your strength and abilities. As your overall fitness level and abilities increase, you can


Cross-Training for Life, Part 1

Kory Robins
15 May, 2013

To us, Blendtec isn’t just a brand or a blender—Blendtec is a way of life. That’s because we’re dedicated to helping people improve their lifestyles through nutrition as well as fitness. One way you can maximize your fitness is through cross-training. Cross-training can be the catalyst to reaching your fitness goals—the same way using your