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About Kyle Jacobson

I love anything with lenses, specifically camera lenses, but I do enjoy the occasional bifocal. My favorite thing to ask is "What if?"—it encourages us to remove all constraints and limitations from our average thought processes. You may also find me tricking out on a pogo stick once in a while...

I feel more at home at Blendtec than I do at my own apartment. My coworkers truly feel like my family, and we all care a lot about this company. So it's a joy to come to work every day and put in the required 250%. I love being able to set up and take the photos for all the images Blendtec needs, including the photos for Blendtec's delicious recipes.

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Blackberry Pie from Above

Food Photography 102: More Essential Steps for Getting Started

Kyle Jacobson
05 April, 2013

Last week we brought you the first three steps to taking awesome photos of your food. This week we take your photography to the next level with tips on lighting, editing and persistence. How is your food photography going?

Spring Blossom Adult Drink

Food Photography 101: Essential Steps for Getting Started

Kyle Jacobson
29 March, 2013

Kyle Jacobson, the director of photography at Blendtec shares some pointers on what he does and how he does it. Are you wondering how to take great pictures of your food? It begins with equipment, reseach and inspiration and creativity. Read more about these first three steps and be sure to check back next week for the last three.