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About Holly Michaels

Hi! I'm Blendtec's resident Registered Dietitian. I spend much of my time at work developing fun new recipes for our incredible blenders. I've built my career around clinical and community nutrition, as well as research and a love for making healthy and tasty foods!

Nutrition is a deep passion of mine; I love finding ways to improve health and wellness through the foods and quantities we consume. I learned at a young age the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle. As a child, my oldest brother was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, which prompted my interest in nutrition. The subject fascinated me so much that I studied nutrition in both undergraduate and graduate schools. I grew up cooking with my mother and became very fond of creating foods that are healthy and delicious.

In my free time my husband and I enjoy rock climbing, canyoneering, fishing, camping and just about anything else you can do outdoors in Utah. I also love to quilt, crochet, and read when you can pry me away from my blender.

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Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies_featured

What Can I do with Almond Pulp?

Holly Michaels
06 December, 2013

Have you ever made almond milk and wondered what to do with all the leftover pulp? I hate to throw it away because I know it has protein and fiber and all the goodness of almonds. It’s truly a shame to just toss it once the almond milk is made. Now you don’t have to

Vitamin D in sand

Vitamin D: Winter Deficiencies

Holly Michaels
22 November, 2013

When it’s cold outside, we generally want to stay inside where the heater will keep us warm, right? Even when we do venture out into the icy weather, very little skin is exposed and the sun rarely shows itself. All of these elements often lead to a vitamin D deficiency. Why vitamin D? Vitamin D

How to Read a Nutrition Label Infographic

How to Read a Nutrition Label

Holly Michaels
30 September, 2013

Ever wondered how to read a nutrition label? Check out this great inforgraphic to learn how to easily read what a nutrition label means.