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About Hillary Mauerman

I revel in good music, cooking, and entertaining friends and family. I also enjoy fly fishing, playing guitar and am the drummer for a band. I am always interested in learning new things, especially finding new, fast and healthy recipes that suit my busy lifestyle. I enjoy drinking a green smoothie just about every morning and love coming up with frozen cocktail ideas to enjoy with my friends.

I have been at Blendtec for about 8 years as a business analyst. I enjoy working for a company so focused on health and nutrition. Working in the Information Systems department is like hanging out with a group of friends – we listen to each other’s ideas and try to help each other out as much as possible with new challenges that are thrown our way.

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Gateway Green Smoothies

Gateway Green Smoothies

Hillary Mauerman
28 December, 2012

We’ve given a name to healthy smoothies that can be made with five ingredients or less; gateway green smoothies. They are great on their own, but additional ingredients lead to limitless flavor options. Here are some of our favorite gateway green smoothie recipes.

4 Dairy-Free Cheese Spread Blender Recipes

4 Dairy-Free Spreads

Hillary Mauerman
07 December, 2012

Working at Blendtec allows for much creativity and the unlimited use of our blenders. One of our coworkers is lactose intolerant and so we took to making a few recipes that we could all enjoy. In one of the recipes we subbed cheese with cashews and BINGO! We were in business. Serve these spreads up with whole wheat pita chips or water crackers and enjoy.

green smoothie diet

3 Tips to Add Green Smoothies to Your Diet

Hillary Mauerman
03 October, 2012

Are you trying to find ways to include more greens in your diet? Sometimes the shopping, chopping and planning can be overwhelming! Green smoothies are a fast way to add a lot of raw nutrition to your diet, but with all of the recipes and tips out there, getting started can be tricky. Here are 3 good tips to get going.