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People all around the world use Blendtec blenders in their homes, restaurants, smoothie shops, coffee shops and more. We continue to keep dreaming of new and better ways to build machines that improve the lives of others. It all began with one man and his curiosity. Tom has shared that vision with others, and with his team, the dream continues to unfold.

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Cinnamon Honey Butter Recipe

Cinnamon Honey Butter [Recipe Video]

25 December, 2014

This sweet spread is the perfect addition to rolls, bread, pancakes or waffles!

Black Bean Fudge Recipe

Black Bean Fudge [Recipe of the Week]

23 December, 2014

Want to enjoy fudge without all of the fattening ingredients? Try this healthier version.

pomegranate health benefits

10 Pomegranate Health Benefits

19 December, 2014

Most of us have heard the old Greek myth: The goddess Persephone gets tricked into eating some pomegranate seeds given to her by Hades, the god of the dead. As a result, she is forced to spend four months of every year trapped in the underworld. But while Persephone’s experience with pomegranates may have been