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Blendtec is back and ready with a brand new blog. We hope to create a community for our users for everything blendalicious!

Blendtec Introduces The New CHEF Blender

Blendtec announces the introduction of the CHEF, a new machine designed for commercial and institutional kitchens. The CHEF is innovative and truly unique, allowing enough power to handle any combination of ingredients and functionality which allows often-used cycles to be saved and replicated to ensure the same results time and time again.

Blendtec Introduces New Self-Serve Dispensing System

Blendtec announces the introduction of the Blendtec System 3™ (S3™). This innovative and revolutionary new machine is a totally self-contained drink system which is used at point of purchase to dispense blended drinks directly to the consumer. It is one of the most thoroughly tested products Blendtec has introduced and presents a whole new concept in high quality blended drinks.