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Cheese Ball and Gluten-Free Crackers [Recipe of the Week]

This weeks Recipe of the Week is this tasty cheese ball. This will be the highlight of your next party. We suggest serving the cheese ball with Blendtec’s gluten-free crackers, but you can also serve it with your favorite pita bread or sliced fruit.

carrot juice recipe

Carrot Juice [Video Recipe]

There are many benefits associated with carrots including improved vision, cancer prevention, anti aging, glowing skin, and healthy teeth and gums. Consume this healthy veggie in juice form to ensure you’re getting enough Vitamin A.


Raspberry and White Chocolate Mocha [Recipe of the Week]

This weeks Recipe of the Week is a Raspberry and White Chocolate Mocha. Are you feeling the winter blues? This creamy, hot pick-me-up should help get you through the day.