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When you put out a great product you need someone to write about it. And working for Blendtec, there's a LOT to write about. Seriously. Brochures, ads, emails. Trade show entries, news releases, packaging. Scripts, merchandising materials, manuals. You name it.

So that's what I do as Blendtec's resident marketing/advertising writer. But when I'm not writing about the most incredible blenders on the planet, I'm digging into fantasy books, building train tracks with my kids and taking pretty pictures of cool stuff.

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Meet Emmalynn, One of Our Youngest Fans

Bruce Carlson
26 July, 2013

A Blendtec blender is incredibly useful for incorporating healthy foods into your diet. For many people, the benefits are life changing. But for some, they are life saving. Take the case of Emmalynn, who was born four months early. From the moment she arrived, weighing only 1 pound 8 ounces, Emmalynn has been a fighter. Her

Blendtec motor drivetrain

Anatomy of a Blender, Part 6

Bruce Carlson
03 July, 2013

Let’s dive once again into the inner workings of Blendtec blenders. This time, we’re going to look at In which we examine a true masterpiece of engineering. Feature #10: Steel-on-Steel Power In a Blendtec blender, the power is transferred directly from the motor to the blade. All the intervening parts are steel and machined for a precision

Metal parts for blenders made at Blendtec

Made in the USA

Bruce Carlson
26 June, 2013

While we’ve always used the best parts to build our world-class blenders, several years ago we started an initiative to produce more of the parts at our manufacturing plant in Orem, Utah. We began our manufacturing expansion by adding two CNC lathes (and we’ve added five more since). We use these machines to turn stainless