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About Julie Owens

I thrive in a world of creative, happy people—be it at home or at work—and find contentment in what I believe are the best—and simple—things in life: family, food, and making life fun.

Here are a few of my favorite things: curling up by the fire with a good book, being outdoors getting my hands in the dirt, and asking grandchildren important questions and hearing their animated responses.

Blendtec is a place where we work shoulder to shoulder and have a team that is united. Because of this energy, work is satisfying, rewarding, and fun!

Here are my most recent posts

Designer series blender in 3 colors

Signature Series vs Designer Series

Julie Owens
18 November, 2013

Whether you opt for the Designer or the Signature, you can be sure you’re getting a blender that incorporates quality with the latest and greatest technology. In this post, we look at a few main differences between the Designer Series and Signature Series blenders so that you are able to decide which blender is best for you.

Green Smoothie

Smoothie Garden

Julie Owens
01 April, 2013

Planting your own fruits and vegetables can be very fulfilling. It’s fun to eat produce from your own backyard. Springtime in the Rockies can be such a tease, so keep in mind you can easily grow some fruits and vegetables inside. Reap the tasty benefits of growing your own produce by using it in one of our delicious fruit or green smoothie recipes.


Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner the Easy Way (i.e., the Blendtec Way)

Julie Owens
19 November, 2012

Thanksgiving is such a fun holiday. Family members gather from near and far to enjoy delicious food, stories and quality time. You can’t quite beat the smell of pumpkin spice, turkey and fresh rolls baking in the oven. Save time by prepping all of Grandma’s favorite recipes in the Blendtec so you are able to enjoy your loved ones.