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Sweet Potato Chocolate Mousse

Sweet Potato Chocolate Mousse

This delicious holiday treat is simple to make, creamy and decadent but full of veggies! It’s also gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and paleo.


Eat More Veggies: Soup Recipes You Can Make Paleo or Vegan

Do you eat enough vegetables? Do you want to work more of them into your diet? Well, look no further than a nice cup of blended soup.


Delicious Cheesecake Parfaits in 10 Minutes

Linda Kurniadi (creator of Brunch-n-Bites) brings us a quick and easy cheesecake parfait recipe that’s perfect for any summer party. In less than 10 minutes and with only 5 ingredients, you will be able to create a sweet and delicious treat to enjoy (and share if you are willing to)!