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Anatomy of a Blender, Part 4


Blendtec’s incredible blenders are known for their power. If you’re not familiar with Blendtec’s raw power, just watch any Will It Blend? video, and you’ll see what I mean.

But if a powerful motor is the heart of every Blendtec blender, then the jar is the soul. In this installment of Anatomy of a Blender, let’s examine a couple characteristics of Blendtec jars.

Feature #6: A Bigger, Stronger Blade

Blendtec blender blade

Only Blendtec’s blades can harness the awesome power of a Blendtec motor.

A Blendtec motor’s awesome power would be wasted on a wimpy blade. To handle the immense power, the blade needs to be bigger, thicker, and more robust than other blender blades. Our jars come equipped with ultrahard stainless steel blades that are cold-forged and tuned for heavy use. These blades resist corrosion much better than lesser blades.

One of the reasons Blendtec blades can pulverize just about anything is that their patented vertical wingtips and precision angles transfer more power than other blades. Plus, the distinct single-blade design allows your ingredients to fall easily in front of and behind the blade, rather than pushing ingredients away from the blending vortex.

Feature #7: Safe to Use, Easy to Read

Blendtec blender jar

Blendtec jars are safe, strong, and super easy to use.

Blendtec jars are made from durable Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. The jars are also BPA free and certified to the NSF standard for food safety in the kitchen. Plus, the material is uniquely formulated for an extra-long life.

Additionally, high-contrast, easy-to-read measuring marks (for cups, ounces, milliliters, and centiliters) are included on Blendtec’s jars to help you add just the right amounts of ingredients.

(11) Comments on “Anatomy of a Blender, Part 4

  • Helen Renkas

    I am a blendtec demonstrator for Costco and would like more information
    on material used to make the blendtec jar.

    • Bruce Carlson Post author

      Our jars use Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. We chose this material because it’s BPA-free, very chemically resistant, is very clear, and it does not stress fracture under prolonged loading.

      Thanks for the question — I think this is a great topic for a new blog post!

  • Rando Richard

    I don’t see anything in this section about the differences between the traditional 4-sided jar the Wild Side (5-side) jar. I got both with my package (a gift), but really, isn’t the Wild Side the ONLY one needed?

    • Hello,
      The FourSide jar is used for smaller portion sizes. If you didn’t want to make a big smoothie or a lot of soup, you can use the FourSide jar to make the portions smaller. It’s also great for making ice cream.

  • Tai

    I have a Blendtec Home series. Over the years, the black washer under the Blendtec blade wore out. Due to the horsepower of the Blendtec, it pulverized into small pieces. Blendtec steps up to its’ warranty and replace mine blender jar for free. This is how you build a loyal customer base. Thank you.

  • Iwan Suryolaksono

    I want to make sure, is blendtec can be used to make dehydrated moringa leaf into perfectly fine powder? Can I used this machine for continuous powder production? Thank you very much

    • Yes, you can blend dehydrated moringa leaf into a fine powder, and use your blender for powder production. Note: When blending ingredients into powders, it may pit the jar interior resulting in a “fogged” appearance. Please remember cosmetic alternations are not covered under your jar warranty.

  • Marco

    My Blendtec jar now after two years of use start making some noises and i keep using it, now the sound is just to strong and anoing so i stop using it, ¿My actual jar can be fixed or its time to replace it? ¿Its normal after just one year that the jar fail?

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