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Anatomy of a Blender, Part 3


As with so many things in life, it’s the little things that make a difference. And if our blenders are any indication, all those little things can add up to a modern masterpiece of innovation. Let’s look at a couple more components of our Anatomy of a Blender series.

Feature #4: Talk to Me

Blender display

The display on a Blendtec indicates blend cycle time remaining and number of cycles completed.

Blendtec blenders feature a digital display that tells you just how long to wait until your blend is done. It also keeps track of your usage. It’s surprisingly fun to watch your number of blend cycles go up. When you reach 1,000 cycles, celebrate by making a smoothie you’ve never tried before.



Feature #5: Easy to Clean, Easy to Love

Cleaning a Blendtec jar

Few things are simpler than cleaning a Blendtec jar.

If you’ve ever used a standard blender jar, you know it can be a pain to clean – especially around the grooves and under the blade. Blendtec’s flat-sided jars aren’t just superstars at blending. They’re also super easy to clean! The flat sides make it simple to scrape out remaining ingredients, and the broad single-blade design allows you to get underneath the blade for any remaining particles. No disassembly required—plus, Blendtec jars are dishwasher safe.

Have you discovered anything particularly awesome about your Blendtec blender recently? Sound off in the comments—or visit us on Facebook!

(11) Comments on “Anatomy of a Blender, Part 3

    • Bruce Carlson Post author

      Yes, all Blendtec jars are compatible with all of our consumer blenders. This includes the WildSide­ jar, the Fourside jar, and the Twister jar. Some blend times may vary depending on which jar you use.

  • Frank

    Can you use the Wildside jar for small amounts of food that would normally be blended in a smaller jar?

    Also, are all of your blenders using metal to metal contact between the blade and the motor? Or are there plastic, less durable pieces, used in the drivetrain?

    • Bruce Carlson Post author

      The WildSide jar can blend single-serve sizes quite well, but it really shines blending larger amounts. For smaller blends we recommend using the FourSide jar. The Twister jar is also great for smaller blends.

      As for the drive-train between the motor and the blade, it’s all metal-to-metal. Other blenders use a plastic coupling designed to break in the event of overload or obstruction. Blendtec blenders use an electronic sensor that will shut off the motor in an overload event, which means greater power transfer and no parts to replace.

      Thanks for the great questions!

  • noman khan

    ur blendtec jar is very sweet I love this product.
    I always use it & I appreciate whoever made this product

    • Bruce Carlson Post author

      Hi Jim,

      Blending a spinach and kale smoothie in a Blendtec blender takes about 40 seconds, using the smoothie button. This will get it really smooth and completely liquefied. Now if your smoothie includes some seriously frozen ingredients, you could hit the whole juice button, which has a 50-second blend cycle. Hope that helps!

    • Bruce Carlson Post author

      Hi Mellonie, thanks for the question!

      The juice cycle on a Blendtec blender warms the ingredients only minimally, far below the temperature you indicated. The soup cycle, on the other hand, increases temperature to somewhere between 109 and 112 degrees.

  • uta


    I had a cheaper highspeed blender which was impossible to clean. Stuff would get under the blades (spinach is really bad here for instance as stands of it get twisted around underneath) and the only way to truly clean it would be to screw off the blade, but after doing that a few times, liquid would run out of the bottom during use at an ever increasing rate until it became unusable. After this experience, I’m skeptical about making such a high investment without being completely sure I will not encounter this issue again. I have a thermomix which is much easier to deal with since the blade can be removed and cleaned manually. I do not have a dishwasher.

    • Our blender is very easy to clean, even though the blades cannot be removed. Because there’s so much power behind it, you just fill it with water past the blade, put a drop of soap in, and I run it on the shortest cycle (“Batters” on my machine) and it gets it very clean.

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