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8 Reasons to Add Greens to Your Smoothies


I know green foods aren’t always people’s favorite ingredients to eat, but green foods provide many nutritional benefits that make them important to include in a healthy diet. Luckily, there are some easy and tasty ways to add greens to your daily fare. For example, check out our post Green Is Our New Favorite Color to find some great recipes with healthy green foods. Green smoothies are another delicious way to include greens in your diet. If you need convincing, here are eight reasons to add greens to your smoothies.

8 Reasons to Add Greens to your Smoothie Infographic

One thought on “8 Reasons to Add Greens to Your Smoothies

  1. James Dazouloute

    Thanks Debbie, you have shared great reasons why we all must consume more Greens. And by turning them into drinks, then we are all more encouraged to consume more. Thanks For Posting!


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