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14-Day Workout Challenge


With the turkey eaten and the smorgasbord of holiday food devoured, many start the New Year with the all too familiar thought, “Here we go again!”  The idea of New Year’s resolutions leaves some feeling like failures even before they begin, but others may be super motivated.  Wherever you fit on that spectrum it is important to realize that one of the important aspects of goal setting is to make them realistic.

Many fail at their New Year’s resolutions because they try to change everything all in one day.  With an exercise goal, try to build up gradually and focus on consistency.  Increase your exercise intensity and duration each day or week.  Try the workout schedule below to help you meet your New Year’s exercise goal one day at a time.

New Years Workout

(4) Comments on “14-Day Workout Challenge

  • Sandy

    This is a great progressive challenge. I am not a fitness professional but am a nurse and a health and fitness enthusiast who is committed to helping fellow nurses and other healthcare professionals realize the importance of caring for themselves at least as well as they care for their patients. And with many of us working extended hours, I always hear that they don’t have time to exercise. May I have your permission to put this or a similar challenge on my blog to get them started?

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