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13 Easy Blender Ice Cream Recipes


Do you want to take care of your sweet-tooth cravings in a hurry? Check out how easy it is to make vanilla ice cream in your blender. But you’re not limited to plain vanilla—you can make just about any flavor you could possibly imagine! We’ve even got a few twists to make these delicious treats guilt free. Enjoy!

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13 Ice Cream Recipes

21 thoughts on “13 Easy Blender Ice Cream Recipes

  1. Wayne Phillips

    I bought a Blentec blender and have used it many times – would love a good recipe for a coffee smoothie

  2. Michelle

    So what makes this blender different from any other blender, and couldn’t my Magic Bullet do the same thing if I used the same ingredients? Thanks!! I look forward to hearing about comparisons.

    1. Kelli Farley

      This blender has many differences compared to other blenders.
      It has:
      -Smart touchscreen interface, which makes for easy cleanup
      -Plunger-free, easy-clean jar
      -Uniquely blunt safety blade; 80% thicker than other blender blades
      -Hardened metal drive socket; so if you overload the jar, it stops blending instead of breaking like other blenders
      -Ultra high-speed, quiet motor
      -Preprogrammed cycles and a slider bar to allow for total blending control

  3. Mari-Lou

    Quick question regarding the ‘guilt-free’ instructions….when you say ‘replace cream’ do you mean the half and half or the whole milk?

  4. Irene

    Thanks for all the recipes. Someone asked for a recipe for a coffee smoothie. I have one. Fill a shaker half full of cracked ice. Add about a quarter cup of powdered milk. Use instant coffee. Use from 1-3 tsps – however strong you want to make it. Use a couple packets of sweetner. Add a small amount – about half a cap of vanilla. Add enough water so that all ingredients will blend and depending how thick you want your smoothie to be.

  5. Fek

    Hey! So, I see “imitation vanilla” which I don’t have and don’t use. Is it okay to use Pure Vanilla Extract? How much should I use to make it not overly vanilla-y? Same amt as the imitation or less? Thanks!

  6. Fel

    Oh, and the other question I have is about the milk! I don’t use whole milk, but I do use skim. Would it be an acceptable substitute? Or should I bite the bullet and do the whole milk? If it is acceptable as a substitute, should I use more?

    This time I spelled my name right lol

  7. Michelle

    Hi there,

    If I wanted it to be creamier, could I freeze cream instead of whole milk and use whole milk in place of the half and half?

  8. Luna

    When you make a variation (strawberry, lemon, ect.) would you just add the new ingredients to the vanilla mixture, or replace some of the ingredients in the vanilla mixture?

    1. Kelli Farley

      You would add the new ingredients to the vanilla mixture. So with the strawberry one, you would make the vanilla ice cream and just up the lemon juice from 1/4 tsp to 1 tbsp and add 1 c frozen strawberries.

  9. Dave M.

    Nice graphic. I typically use recipes for an ice cream maker, and I’ve been neglecting my blender…guess I’ll have to give it a go and do some taste tests. Thank you!


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